7 Ways to Decorate a Dining Room in a Small Kitchen

7 Ways to Decorate a Dining Room in a Small Kitchen

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HOMEsinterest – You can still be a master chef in your kitchen. Even if your room is small, you only need a few ideas to make the kitchen look stylish, practical, and well-organized. So, here are 7 interesting tips for decorating a dining room in your small kitchen.

1. Choose a neutral color

Make dining rooms and small kitchens feel light and airy by choosing a neutral color scheme. However, neutral is not only white, but you can try beige, blue, or light gray colors, which can make the room look bright and give a spacious impression.

2. Choose a bright color

Apart from applying neutral colors, you can also attract attention by changing your tiny room to light colors. Try changing the walls with bright colors, and choosing a bench with a matching tone, so that the small room looks fresh!

3. Multipurpose table

For a small room, you can choose a versatile table. A kitchen island, which is usually used as a place to put various food ingredients when cooking, can also be used for food. Multifunctional, right?

4. Storage area

So that your small kitchen, as well as your dining area, does not feel stuffy, you can outsmart it by placing lots of storage shelves. All utensils, groceries, and cooking utensils can be neatly stored in it, and your room will be neat and spacious.

5. Flexible storage

In the tips above, we recommend placing storage cabinets so that your room does not become cramped. So, so that you can organize it properly, you can cheat the storage cabinet which is equipped with shelves so that your items and equipment can be neatly arranged.

6. Decorate your kitchen to be stylish

Illuminate your kitchen and dining table with direct sunlight entering the room, by placing windows in these areas. Natural light, use of soft colors, plus a stylish minimalist design, is perfect for small spaces.

7. Divert attention with patterned floors

As long as your room’s color palette is neutral, you can experiment with patterned and patterned floors. Not only can it distract the eye, but a patterned floor can also make space feel bigger.

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