6 Simple Ideas to Beautify the Kitchen

6 Simple Ideas to Beautify the Kitchen

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HOMEsinterest – The most liked part of the house and considered the most important place for Mother is the kitchen. Because this is where they can distribute the hobby of cooking. One way to produce delicious food is to cook with a pleasant mood. To create a good mood, one answer is in beautiful kitchen design.

With a beautiful kitchen design, mothers will feel happy to cook and of course, delicious food can be served for families at home. To create a beautiful kitchen design does not need to be expensive and complicated. There are simple ideas that you can try to create a beautiful kitchen design. Here, 6 inspiration to add simple ideas in order to beautify the kitchen!

Add Color Accents

Color has an important role in interior design. Color can create an atmosphere of joy, calm, or even exciting. For that, adding color accents in the kitchen is right for those of you who want to feel a sense of joy when cooking. In addition, the provision of color accents on the kitchen set is also a way to create a beautiful kitchen design.

The cheerful atmosphere with tile floors

Color again took part in beautifying the design of the kitchen. However, this time not by painting, but by adding colored and patterned tiles to the floor. If you want to give color accents to a room, you need to pay attention to other decorations. As the orange color given to the tiles will appear in harmony with the furniture around which is brownish wood.

Insert the accessory

Beautiful kitchen designs can be created by including several accessories. Just above the backsplash, the interior designer adds two wooden shelves. Then on top, there are accessories in the form of wall displays, books, flowers, and trinkets with unique shapes.

Dishes As Decoration

Beautiful kitchen design is not only owned by people who have a large kitchen. Although narrow, the kitchen can still look beautiful to pamper mothers at home. One trick is to display vintage-style plates along the corridor to the kitchen. These decoration plates on the wall easily make the kitchen design beautiful.

Attack Light on Backsplash

Usually, someone will focus on the kitchen set to create a beautiful kitchen design. If people are afraid of making things into the backsplash – because it is considered easy to get dirty due to splashes of oil and sink water – actually designing a total backsplash to be the center of attention can be a creative step. The backsplash is coated with ceramic with different motifs. Then, to be more on point, hidden light is installed behind the top shelf as the light can highlight the backsplash area. The kitchen also looks beautiful with yellow light.

Presenting Plants

The easiest and simplest way to create a beautiful kitchen design is to rely on plant pots in your home. Take a few pots of plants from the garden and bring them into the kitchen. Leave some free space on the top shelf. Place the plants along the shelf. The presence of this plant indirectly gives color (green) in a white room and makes the kitchen design increasingly beautiful visuals.

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