6 Cabinet Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

6 Cabinet Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

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HOMEsinterest – A small kitchen needs a special arrangement to keep it loose when used. One part that must be arranged properly in the cabinet. So that the kitchen is comfortable to use and the appearance is still attractive, the cabinet design must be adjusted to the size of the kitchen.

The position and height of the cabinet also need to be taken into account. You should adjust the height of the cabinet with your height that will be active every day in the kitchen. In addition to the ergonomic aspects, the cabinet display also needs to be planned well. Here we present 5 inspiring cabinet designs that are suitable for your small kitchen. Hopefully inspired!

Simple Cabinet

Making a small size cabinet will compensate for the size of the kitchen which is also limited. The small kitchen cabinet does not require much detail because it will interfere with the appearance of the kitchen. Instead, you can play color on the kitchen wall. You can try to combine two contrasting colors at the top and bottom of the cabinet, while the cabinet color is left neutral with white paint.

Folding or Sliding Door

Cabinet doors that open too wide will certainly disturb the wiggle room in a tiny-sized kitchen. The solution, you can choose a kitchen cabinet with folding or sliding doors. For example, the design of a folding door makes you more lose reach or store objects in the cabinet. On the other hand, the sliding cabinet door is also appropriate because it takes up space when opening or closing the cabinet. However, by using a sliding cabinet door, you cannot open the cabinet door as a whole.


Open storage is now in great demand because it looks more simple and reduces the full impression of the tiny space. Open storage also has two functions, which are to store and display kitchenware and accessories.

However, closed storage remains an option because it reduces objects exposed to dust and dirt. In order for you to get two storage functions while displaying without worrying about kitchen appliances being exposed to dust, the design of a glass-door cabinet is the answer. Storage with a glass door will also reduce the narrow impression in a small-sized kitchen.

Maximize Space

Maximizing tiny space can be through the design of a cabinet that fills the space to the kitchen ceiling. This design also prevents you from the hassles of cleaning the top of the cabinet and avoiding the formation of residual space that can not be used. The elongated design also makes the cabinet storage space looser. That way, the tiny kitchen area doesn’t seem cramped even though the cabinet size is quite large.

Light game

A simple cabinet looks more attractive with a hidden lamp at the bottom of the cabinet. This lamp certainly has a function as a torch for the activity of cutting and peeling food ingredients in the kitchen. This lamp light also gives a wider impression on the area under the cabinet so that the kitchen does not seem cramped.

Use Shelves

One trick to organize a small kitchen is to use shelves instead of cabinets. But if you still need a closed cabinet, you combine it with shelves. Simply use a not too large-sized cabinet to store dishes and other objects. Then at the bottom attach the shelves to put herbs or kitchen equipment that is often used.

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