Shabby Chic Style: Vintage 80's style interior charm

Shabby Chic Style: Vintage 80’s style interior charm

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HOMEsinterest – In the midst of today’s modern lifestyle, vintage still holds a special place in the hearts of some people. This can be seen from the high public interest in the concept of shabby chic in the interior design of their homes.

If you are one of the connoisseurs of vintage things, shabby chic home decor is sure to suit your taste. Want to know more about vintage charm in shabby chic style?

Get to know Shabby Chic style

Shabby chic designs have actually been popular since the late 1980s. Initially, this vintage-style interior trend was inspired by traditional house styles in the British countryside in the 1900s. Imagine how unique and catchy the country house model was at that time. Of course, it is very charming to be used as a design flaw in itself.

Literally, the word ‘shabby’ has a rather negative connotation, which is shabby or shabby. Why is it called shabby? This is because the shabby style is synonymous with objects that seem worn. Scratched wood chairs, faded fabrics, and peeling wall paint are the main elements of this one concept.

Contrary to the meaning of the word shabby, the word ‘chic’ means beautiful. Taken together, shabby chic might be interpreted as ‘beauty in hostility’. Thus, the word ‘shabby’ no longer has a negative connotation. Because it is precisely in the middle of his obsolescence that a style that is so trendy but also classic is born.

In terms of design itself, shabby chic is an eclectic style that combines antique furniture with pastel colors, floral prints, and lace fabrics. This style is generally closely related to femininity and grace. No wonder women are so fond of this design flow.

With its uniquely chic and classic country house, this design is becoming one of the most popular trends ever. In its 30 years of existence, the charm of shabby chic has never dimmed. And it seems that this vintage-style will continue to perpetuate its popularity in today’s digital era.

Advantages of Shabby Chic Style

You’re in luck if you love this soft and elegant style. Because besides being fresh on the eyes, the shabby chic design is fresh in the pocket. Basically, this style emphasizes upcycled or antiqued furniture. This means you can buy old furniture in antique shops at relatively friendly prices.

It’s even possible if you don’t want to buy furniture anymore. Most adherents of this trend prefer to paint and redesign old furniture in their homes to produce “new” furniture in an old school style. Compared to buying modern, sparkling furniture, of course, this style is much more economical.

Unlike most modern designs that have a cold and stiff feel, shabby chic looks warm and romantic too. Amid this warm atmosphere, even drinking tea will feel like relaxation in the quiet Parisian countryside. It’s really an interior design that gives us a cozy living style.

There is no question why shabby chic designs appeal to so many people. When done right, this style strikes a balance between a relaxed feeling and freedom of expression. It is suitable to remind us of the nostalgia in the past, which is comfortable and peaceful.

Inspiration for Vintage Shabby Chic Style in Every Corner of the Home

Can’t wait to change the interior of your home to follow this vintage style? We are ready to inspire the right shabby chic model for every room of your home!

1. Entrance with Alluring Ornaments

Immediately after opening the door, you will immediately see distinctive vintage colors and ornaments. The giving of this shabby chic element is done by placing a table or shelf containing various antiques on the right or left side.

The driveway of a home is alluring when it features plenty of shabby chic décor, including weathered wood, chipped paint, and vintage knick-knacks.

2. Warm Family Room

Going deeper, we will immediately find a classic vintage-style family room. By accentuating the fabric elements on the soft sofa, you will make the family room look much warmer.

Overall wood details such as natural wood flooring and pale painted wood wallboards will create a beautiful foundation for your family room’s shabby chic style.

3. Sleep in Peace in a Vintage Bedroom

Soft shabby chic touches such as pastel pillowcases, floral blankets, and vintage frames, combined with glam elements such as chandeliers create the perfect balance for a relaxing break.

Choosing natural fibers for bedding fixtures will result in very chic fabric strokes in your room. The motifs of the pillow fabrics don’t have to be the same, but they should be able to create harmony in the peaceful pastel colors.

In addition, decorations such as lacy fabrics and pastel knick-knacks complement the elegance of this 80’s style bedroom.

4. Cool Cooking in a Beautiful Kitchen

Not only saves space, but hanging antique kitchen utensils also contains a more decorative value that can make your kitchen more attractive.

The perfect mix of wooden ceilings, old-fashioned pale white cabinets, soft mint-colored walls, overall makes this kitchen so cozy. Don’t be surprised if, in the middle of cooking, birds fly up to your kitchen window and start singing songs to you.

5. Antique Dinner Room

A variety of earthy natural textures combined with vintage chandelier glam elements, make this dining room the perfect shabby chic specimen. A little reminiscent of the dining table atmosphere at Hogwarts wizarding school, right?

6. Perfect Relaxation in a Charming Bathroom

If you have a large bathroom, you can express a variety of shabby styles in this room. Install glass in various sizes with beautiful carvings and ornaments for a deeper vintage feel.

The scratched wooden shelf is the perfect place to store toiletries. A solution for those of you who have a tiny bathroom but still don’t want to lose their beautiful classic decorations.

7. Homestay style 80’s laundry room

Use a wall shelf for your laundry room needs. You don’t need to buy new shelves, you can use the remaining unused wood in your house.

Shabby chic is a very soft, warm, and humble style of décor. By accentuating shabby elements, this design genre not only embraces imperfection but celebrates it as well.

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