Minimalist Room Partition Design Ideas for Your Home Interior

Minimalist Room Partition Design Ideas for Your Home Interior

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HOMEsinterest – Room divider has a function as a divider between one room and another in your home. The existence of space partitions is often used as an alternative to permanent room dividers such as walls.

Often times, room partitions are designed not just decorative for aesthetic purposes but have a dual function. This is influenced by the development of a minimalist interior concept that saves space and upholds space efficiency. Come on, take a look at some of the space partition designs that you can make inspiration for.

1. Partition on the Hallway

You can use a partition with a mesh design for a room that needs a barrier without blocking the incoming light. This partition is suitable for dividing the hallway or the entrance of the house with the room after it, such as the living room.

2. Sliding Glass Partitions For Flexible Restrictions

Partitions with glass material are the right choice to give boundaries to the room without worrying about blocking light from outside. The sliding room divider partition design is a more flexible divider design. It is suitable for modern home interiors with open plan concept.

3. Sliding Model Partitions with Frosted Glass Material

Some people may be quite sensitive and want more privacy while resting. They need a restroom without distraction or prefer to separate the bed from other places in the room. If so, a sliding wall partition with frosted glass material is the right choice to use. Modern minimalist partitions allow you to get the perfect privacy without giving the impression of being cramped or stiff.

4. Practical White Folding Partition

The folding divider is an alternative if you need a room divider that is only temporary. The removable design lets you store them when you don’t need them. This minimalist partition idea also tends to be more cost-effective.

5. Partition as well as the decoration of the room

As mentioned earlier, space partitions can increase the aesthetic value of the interior. Unique room partition design not only serves as a room divider but can also serve as a home decoration.

6. Hanging partitions

The room partition design can then be applied to a room that has been partially walled. See-through hanging partitions make the connection between one room and another still connected and not completely obstructed.

7. Clear Glass Partition with Door Opening

Studio apartments often have loose space that doesn’t have any dividers. To separate the restroom from other rooms, try installing a clear glass room partition design with door openings. Use frosted glass if you want more privacy.

8. Functional Room Partitions

The next room partition design is suitable for those of you who like practicality and are concerned with functional aspects. In addition to cabinets, you can also make multi-functional partitions as bookshelves or display racks.

9. Corner-Shaped Partition

Room partitions are generally straight. However, you can also create it in the form of a 45 ° angle. You can make the dividers on the partitions a display rack or bookshelf to maximize functional value.

You can apply various minimalist space partition design ideas in your home. A simple minimalist design does not mean it has no beauty. In addition, a minimalist room partition can also have a function as a display rack, bookcase, or wardrobe. Ready to create your own version of a minimalist partition?

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