8 Workspace Design Ideas in Your Home

8 Workspace Design Ideas in Your Home
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Having a workspace at home is actually very important for everyone, both for freelancers and office workers. For freelancers, the existence of a workspace is mandatory, but for those who are not even, the workspace remains an important space, such as to take care of administrative matters, office work brought home, side jobs, and so forth.

To be more productive and enthusiastic at work, you need to think carefully about the design and layout of your workspace. A workspace that makes you feel comfortable, comfortable, and focused automatically will also make you more productive. Here we present 10 workspace design ideas that can be an inspiration for you.

With a garden

Beautiful workspaces refresh your mind so you don’t get bored at work. Especially if you are the type of worker who is required to linger dealing with a computer screen, surely your eyes will get tired easily. If so, it’s a good idea to place your workspace in an area adjacent to the park so that when you feel bored and tired, you can relax and cool your eyes with natural scenery.

Natural style

If the garden is not enough to refresh your work mood, presenting a natural atmosphere can also be done in your workspace. Try to use wood materials on your desk, shelves, cabinets, and walls so that there is a natural atmosphere every time you work in your workspace. If the wood material is considered quite expensive, you can use a coating material such as HPL which has many variants.

Take advantage of Space Remaining

If your house is considered to be too full and there is not enough space to be used as a workspace, do not worry, you can use the remaining space in your residence, such as the area under the stairs and the corner of the room. Fill with minimalist furniture and furniture that does not require much space.

Chalkboard Wall

Even though there are books to take notes on and computers to type, there are still many people who still choose to write physically, such as writing memos, target deadlines, mind maps, job progress, job lists, and other notes. If you are that kind of person, why don’t you design your workspace wall to be a blackboard wall?

If you want a blackboard model, you can use black latex paint or other dark colors combined with powder paint. But if you don’t want to get dirty, you can use a white sticker material which is then coated with a glass board and write with non-permanent markers.

Facing the Window

If you have a workspace that is connected to the outside space, surely your workspace will feel more alive. Especially if the room used has access to natural lighting and natural air, not just life, your room will feel much healthier. But don’t forget to put it in the right orientation. Choose an area that is not too much through the path of the sun so your workspace is not dazzled throughout the day.

Decorative Plants Decoration

For those of you who like plants, the presence of plants in the workspace will certainly increase your morale. For those of you who want to try to make your workspace greener, you can provide some ornamental plants on your desk. Choose ornamental plants that are suitable to be planted in the inner room.

Dark Mode

Many applications and software developers launch dark mode. In addition to saving power, dark mode is also a favorite color for many people because it is comfortable in the eyes. It doesn’t hurt if you also apply this dark color to your room, your room will look very masculine. But the dark color will also impact on room lighting. You will need brighter or more lights if you use dark colors in your room.

Minimalist white

Although the dark mode is becoming a trend, minimalist white color is still a favorite. The minimalist white theme will certainly make the room feel more spacious. You can also choose compact furniture such as tables, chairs, shelves, and cabinets that you can find many variants in the market and online marketplace.

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