5 Tips for Designing a Comfortable Studio Apartment

5 Tips for Designing a Comfortable Studio Apartment
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Studio apartments are the choice of many big-city residents who want practical housing with complete facilities. Although the size is not as large as a house in general, studio apartments can also be arranged in such a way as to remain comfortable for the residents.

Various design tricks you can apply to get a comfortable atmosphere in your tiny apartment. The addition of a variety of interior decorations can still be done to enhance your studio apartment. Here we provide 5 tips for designing studio apartments to look beautiful and comfortable. let’s see it!

Division of Areas

Even though it only consists of one room, it does not mean that the studio apartment does not need to be divided into areas. With a clear division, you will be easier to move and the apartment will look more presentable and organized. The division of the area can be made based on its function. But in the division of areas, do not use massive borders in the form of walls or partitions. Instead, you can use existing furniture such as sofas and carpets to limit the sleeping area and the area to watch TV. In addition, the curtain can also be used to divide the space without making the studio apartment feel crowded.

Reduce Motives

When decorating a studio apartment you should choose a simple decoration with soft colors that dominate. The use of motifs must also be considered well. If the motive is too crowded, the room will increasingly feel crowded so that it will interfere with comfort. But that does not mean the motive can not be applied at all. If you want to apply a motif on the wall, you can install wallpaper on one side of the wall. The touch of the motif can also be applied as an accent through the pillowcase or carpet.

Decoration Tricks

In addition to motifs, other decorating tricks can also be applied to create more comfortable studio apartments. One of them gives the illusion of a wider space through the installation of a mirror. Vertical decoration like a painting that extends downward you can also choose to give the impression of a more spacious room.

Furniture Choice

The next trick is about furniture choices. For studio apartments, ideally use slim-shaped furniture to save space. Avoid using large closed closets that will make the room feel crowded. If possible, you can also order special multifunctional furniture to facilitate your daily activities in the apartment. Multifunctional furniture such as a bed as well as storage, folding dining table, and so on. You can also maximize the wall as a place to put things. Simple shelves attached to the wall will make it easier for you to store items at once can be a beautiful decoration for your studio apartment.

Adjust Lighting

Don’t underestimate lighting problems. Natural lighting and lighting are not only important for lighting but are also able to give the illusion of a spacious impression in a studio apartment space. If your studio apartment has large windows, do not waste the openings as a place for natural light from the sun. With enough lighting, studio apartments will also seem fresher.

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