Tips for Designing a Comfortable Reading Room

Tips for Designing a Comfortable Reading Room

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HOMEsinterest – Reading is one hobby that you can do in your free time. Not only entertaining, but this hobby of reading is also often referred to as another way to “see the world”.

In addition, reading is a useful hobby that can add knowledge, insight, and make your mind open, and hone your imagination.

Of course, the design of the reading room has an important part in the hobbies of these “nerds.” Because many people who ignore the importance of special design for this reading room. Usually, most people will choose to read in the family room or bedroom, even in a lying body position.

So, because of missing attention, this hobby of reading cannot run smoothly or even make your eyes damaged due to inappropriate places. Finally, book fans are also prone to have eye disorders, so they have to wear glasses.

Apparently, there are some tips when designing a special reading room design in your home! Anything?

1. The existence of Ergonomic Supporting Furniture

The design of the reading room is indeed identical with the existence of furniture that facilitates its activities, starting from a comfortable sitting area, to a large bookcase.

However, not only as long as putting furniture away, the design chosen must be furniture design that is able to support the comfort and convenience of space users when they want to read. Consider the size of the furniture, can it make reading activities easier and more practical, or does it complicate the situation?

You can put a large cupboard that can hold a large collection of books in your room, but you also need to put facilities that facilitate the process of taking books, especially books located on the top shelves that are difficult to reach hands. You can use a ladder attached to the cabinet, and you can move it to the right and left.

2. Apply Minimalist Reading Room Design

Styling the room is the taste and choice of each individual. However, in certain space requirements, you must choose a style that will expedite the activity, one of which is reading.

The application of minimalist reading room design with a minimal profile, prioritizing simplicity of form, and prioritizing the maximum function of space, is one of the right steps you can apply. Because of the diverse forms of books, with the character of activities that require quietness, make reading room users need a simple design, not too crowded and crowded, but functional.

Examples of minimalist reading rooms you can find in inspiration. Cabinets that meet one side of the wall are formed by square-shaped side shelves that are very minimalist. The use of white domination makes a variety of colorful books more “alive” and does not seem crowded.

Minimalist reading room inspiration seems to imply proof that a simple design but maximizing the function of space is the right design to be applied to the reading room, right?

3. Use the “Time” Area as a Reading Room

The existence of a reading room is often overlooked and out of focus. Because, reading is often only regarded as a hobby, which does not include primary needs, while your residential area is very small.

In addition, many people think that reading activities can be done anywhere. This is indeed true, considering that many people read books in the bedroom, family room, terrace, or even the bathroom. In fact, having a reading room can help organize your book collection neatly.

Apparently, the reading room does not need a large area, you can use the land “remaining” in your house that is usually not used, such as the area under the stairs, landing area, to the attic area.

4. Maximize Lighting in the Reading Room

One of the most important factors that must be fulfilled by a reading room is good and proper lighting quality, whether natural or artificial lighting. This is caused by the close relationship between the hobby of reading with eye health. Just look, most people who like to read are often identified with glasses, right?

All of that is influenced by lighting in the reading room. This lighting is not only about applying the right type of lamp but also about the intake of good natural lighting. Therefore, the reading room should be placed close to the openings, in order to get natural light exposure in the morning until the afternoon.

This can be seen from the placement of the reading room close to large openings so that the intake of natural light will be fulfilled, as well as the lights that are useful to highlight the book storage area, and the chandelier that illuminates the reading area. Complete, right?

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