6 Tips to Create a Comfortable Children’s Room

6 Tips to Create a Comfortable Children's Room
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Designing a child’s room is not just a matter of a funny and attractive appearance. Children’s rooms also need to be designed so that children are comfortable and safe to move in it. A safe and comfortable design is important because in this room children spend a lot of time. Starting from playing, studying, to resting. There are several elements that need to be considered to create a comfortable child’s room. Here are 6 tips for arranging children’s rooms to feel comfortable and safe for children.


The bed is the main element in a bedroom. For a child’s room, be sure to choose a bed size that is appropriate for his age. The height of the bed must also be adjusted to the height of the child for safety. Also consider the choice of mattress, bedsheets, and maintenance. Avoid using mattresses that are at risk of catching dust, which can cause skin irritation. Mattresses also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the nesting of diseases that cause skin problems and asthma triggers.


Besides resting and playing, learning activities can also take place in the child’s room. This is where lighting becomes important because it can affect the health of a child’s eyes. In addition to the main lights, you should also provide a study lamp to help to light on the desk. Decorative lights in the form of cute can you add to give a warm and cheerful atmosphere in the child’s room.

Decorative lights can also be used as a sleep lamp to accompany your child to sleep. If possible, do not ignore the sunlight because natural lighting is no less important. Sunlight will avoid the child’s room from the impression of damp and of course provide lighting that is much better and better than the light in the morning and afternoon.

Air Circulation

You also need to consider air circulation in the child’s room. Ideally, a child’s room is equipped with windows and ventilation that ensures air circulation occurs in the room. If not possible, you can equip a child’s room with an exhaust fan or air conditioner to maintain the comfort of a child’s room. For the use of air conditioners, make sure the temperature is not too cold. You can also choose which can regulate the humidity so that the room remains comfortable to inhabit.


Toys and children’s books need special attention so as not to make the bedroom feel full or messy. Provide storage for placing and storing these objects. Make sure storage is easily accessible to children so that it will make it easier when going to play. Storage open or in the form of a box you can choose. Besides being practical, you can also teach children to tidy up their own toys.


For a child’s room, choosing a material that is safe and can accommodate their needs is certainly a consideration. There are two choices of wallcoverings namely paint and wallpaper. When using paint, you can choose a paint that is easy to clean from stains. This paint will reduce the risk of the room look dirty due to scribbles when playing and learning children. When you choose a wallpaper, you can choose the look of the wallpaper with a picture that your child likes to hone his imagination.

Children’s tastes

The last tip, don’t forget to involve the child when designing his room. You can enter the color and favorite characters in the room design. Children will certainly be happy and feel more comfortable when his room in accordance with the wishes.

Thus 6 tips and elements need to be considered when designing a child’s room. Design a comfortable child’s room certainly helps the baby’s growth and development, right?

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