Luxury bathroom decor ideas

Luxury bathroom decor ideas

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HOMEsinterest – Today, many people not only design bathrooms for cleaning but also incorporate a relaxation function into them. To create a bathroom design that is comfortable and in accordance with the wishes, of course, everyone has their own dreams. For those of you who have high taste, maybe you want the look of a luxurious bathroom.

Now, to decorate a luxurious bathroom does not have to always spend a big budget. There are some smart tips or ways that you can use to decorate a luxurious bathroom, but still with a minimal budget. Curious? Come see!

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Use White As A Dominant Color

A bathroom that uses white color will look cleaner, simpler, but still elegant. The white color is also suitable to be combined with various furniture or room styles. This color is also suitable to be applied to create a luxurious bathroom atmosphere. To add a sense of luxury and natural to the room, you can also add plants in the bathroom. In addition, choose a bathtub, sink, and cabinet with a touch of white.

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Add Plants

As mentioned before, the bathroom can also look luxurious with a touch of fresh plants in it. Plants can calm your mind that needs relaxation after a tiring day of activities outside the home. So that plants can stay alive and look fresh, pay attention to lighting, and placement of ornamental plants in the bathroom.

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Use Marble Material

The gold color and marble material always succeed in giving a luxurious impression to any room. Nothing wrong with you using both in the bathroom to make it look more luxurious. For example, gold accents on the shower or glass frame and marble material on the bathroom floor. Marble material does have a price that is quite expensive. To outsmart, you can also use wallpaper with marble motifs on one wall in a dry area.

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Present Bathtub

It feels incomplete if you make a luxurious bathroom without a bathtub. For that, you can also leave blank space in the bathroom to place the bathtub. If your bathroom is small, you can choose an oval-shaped bathtub to create a clean, minimalist, and flexible impression in the bathroom.

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Add Wood Stair Accessories

Well, here it is, one of the decorating elements that are trending lately. The use of wooden staircase decorations in the bathroom can also make it look luxurious, you know. Put a wooden ladder rack in the bathroom as a place to hang towels or to put some toiletries. This wood element will add a natural feel to the bathroom. In addition, this rack can also make towels dry quickly and keep the bathroom tidy.

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Separate Dry and Wet Areas

Want to make a bathroom like a 5-star hotel? Usually, hotel bathrooms always separate their areas into dry and wet areas. Well, this trick can also be applied in the bathroom of your home. Use the shower screen to separate the wet and dry spaces, as well as to make the bathroom look more modern. If the bathroom size is fairly small, use a sliding door as a space-saving separator.

Luxury bathroom decor ideas: Create a Large Window

Surely you do not want to have a crowded bathroom without ventilation? So that the bathroom feels more comfortable, the air circulation must also be regulated properly. Now, by making a window that is quite large, the lighting and air in the bathroom can always feel fresh whenever used. Natural freshness from the outside directly will provide cool air in the bathroom.

Making a luxury bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. By applying some of the tips above, you can get a bathroom with a charming and comfortable appearance.

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