Interior Paint Color

Interior Paint Color

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HOMEsinterest – Wall paint plays a role in the interior of your home. Not only supports the design of your home that is unique and different, but with the right choice of wall paint colors, it can make your home pleasant to look at, comfortable, and look stylish. The following are recommendations for wall paint colors that can be your choice.

Tosca color

Tosca color is a mixture of a little turquoise blue, which is the color of the ocean. This color will give an exotic impression to your home and beautify it.


If you want a room that looks neat, calm and peaceful, blue can be an option. The blue color also does not tire the eyes because of the nature of the color that is not too absorbing attention. Blue can also provide a balancing effect in the room.

Pastel color

Pastel colors not only make the interior room look beautiful but also make the room cool and shady. You can choose your favorite pastel color because this color has many choices of variations and applying it to the bedroom, bathroom and even pink can make the wardrobe look more fashionable.

Neutral colors are very suitable as a combination of blue and its various shades. Shades are mixed colors from an original color, resulting in a more muted derived color. Therefore, if you have a favorite color of cream or chocolate, the blue shade can be an attractive counterweight.


Green can be said as a reflection of natural colors. Not surprisingly, the color green is also said to be a color of harmony and new hope. This color can also give fresh energy to rooms that are not equipped with indoor greenery.

Green color, besides giving a natural fresh impression to the room, is also known to be gentle suitable for those of you who want to switch from neutral colors to colors that are more soothing to the eye.


Beige is a cream color with a warm yellow tint. In general, tint is a mixture of the original color with white color, to get a brighter derivative color. The term beige is often also interchangeable with the terms khaki, ivory, desert sun, and off-white.

For those of you who like a natural or minimalist style, beige is a common choice for interiors. If you like to play with various shades of white, adding it with beige wall accents will give a sweet touch, it can even be classy.

White color

White has always been a mainstay in every home interior design. Especially for relatively small rooms, such as studio type apartments. a small bedroom and a small kitchen, the walls are then painted entirely white. As a result, the apartment looks cleaner and more spacious.


Gray is suitable for a variety of room styles, from retro to contemporary. Gray is also the most effective way to give the impression of peace and grace. Do you like one or two furniture with bright colors? Gray can be a neutral and sweet background. For those who are confused by the choice of colors for the family room, gray is the easiest choice.

That is, if you want to replace wall paint, the seven colors above can be an alternative that is worth a try. Of course, the seven are only as lighters for your further color experiments. Because after all, color is personal taste. For those who are increasingly curious about the color combination and its relation to the arrangement of the room, of course, you can always contact HOMEsinterest.

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