10 Easy Steps to Creating a Dream Bedroom

10 Easy Steps to Creating a Dream Bedroom

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HOMEsinterest – For most people, the bedroom is a private area where you can unwind from all-day activities. In this room, residents can do activities freely. The bedroom becomes a place to escape from busy life, relax while reading your favorite book, or exchange casual thoughts with family members and friends. For this reason, the bedroom must be designed as comfortable as possible and remain functional so that it can support all the needs of residents.

Through processing space, furniture, and various accessories, you can create an ideal and comfortable bedroom to occupy. The selection of various elements must also be adjusted to the tastes of the occupants in order to create a bedroom that is able to represent the character of its inhabitants.

Who said arranging the bedroom was difficult? Here are 10 easy steps to conjure a bedroom to appear more comfortable, healthy, and beautiful.

Determine the Position

In the bedroom, the position supports privacy. Choose the location of the bedroom away from noisy or busy areas such as carport, highway, and kitchen. Placing a bedroom on the second floor, if possible, would be better in maintaining privacy. In addition, pay attention to the direction of the openings in the bedroom. A bedroom that faces north or south, will feel cooler than a bedroom facing west or east.

Adjust Area to Activity

There are no restrictions on activities that can be done in the bedroom because the occupants determine. The more demands on activities carried out in the bedroom, the greater the space requirements. Ideally, the bedroom is only used for rest and relaxation, so it does not require an area that is too large. Beds, wardrobe, tables, and chairs, as well as a small lounge area, are minimal facilities to create an ideal sleeping space.

Furniture Organization

You can determine the position of furniture from the door into the room by sorting the activities carried out when entering the room, for example, first putting a bag or luggage (table), second exchanging clothes (cupboards), and third lying down (bed). Make sure your circulation is not disturbed by the position of the wrong furniture in the bedroom. Do not forget to choose the size of furniture that matches the available bedroom so that the bedroom always looks neat, balanced, and comfortable to look at.

Add Greening

Research says, looking at living plants can have a healing effect on the body. The green color has a relaxing effect that refreshes vision. This positive thing you can use to fill the bedroom. If you like plants, decorate your desk or window corner in your bedroom with a beautiful pot of your favorite ornamental plants. You can choose the type of ornamental plants that are easy maintenance such as cactus. But keep in mind, do not put too many plants in the bedroom because at night the plants will absorb the oxygen needed by the body.

Choose the Ideal Mattress

Choosing a quality mattress in the bedroom is a good investment, given the age of a good mattress is generally quite long, which is 10 years. The ideal mattress can improve body posture while sleeping and make you sleep more soundly. When you want to buy a mattress, try to sleep on your back and tuck your hands to your back. A good mattress leaves no distance between the spine and the mattress. Take care of the mattress by avoiding it from direct exposure to sunlight.

Don’t Forget Ventilation

Openings in the bedroom provide several advantages for the room, namely eliminating musty and damp, controlling temperature, and presenting natural light and air. Create a healthy sleeping space by providing good ventilation. Sunlight and air that enters the room will make the bedroom healthy and kill microorganisms.

Use a Soft Cloth

Bedding, which generally consists of pillowcases, sheets, and mattress covers, are available on the market with a variety of colors, patterns, and fabric types. Bedding that is of poor quality, will feel rough on the skin, easily fluffy, faded, and hot. In order to sleep more comfortably, choose bedding from 100% cotton. Squeeze the bedding you will buy for the bedroom. If the fabric feels hot and not soft, it means the cotton is of poor quality.

Choose Favorite Color

Although during sleep we do not feel the color effects directly, at other times the color will affect the mood in the movie. In general, there is no color that is ideal for bedrooms. Choose colors that represent your tastes and character as the owner of the room, especially those that provide comfort for you. If you like bright and bold colors but are afraid to apply it in the bedroom, use that color as an accent and mix it with a softer and neutral color.

Reduce Electronic Equipment

As a place to rest, the ideal bedroom should be free from a variety of electronic equipment that can interfere with sleep. For example, putting a television in the bedroom can reduce hours of sleep which results in decreased self-performance when awake. So that sleep can be more optimal, avoid putting the television in the bedroom, and turn off the phone before you sleep. This preventive measure will also prevent you from being exposed to excess electromagnetic waves.

Give a Personal Touch

It feels trivial, but the accessory is an important complementary element in bringing the atmosphere of the bedroom to life and giving it a personal touch. Decorate your bedroom with a variety of collection accessories that represent your character, hobbies, and personal collection. But also pay attention to the composition of accessories in the room, so it is not too excessive and makes the bedroom feel full and crowded.

By applying the 10 tips above, now your bedroom feels comfortable, right?

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