Stunning Small Bathroom Designs

Stunning Small Bathroom Designs

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HOMEsinterest – Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Any room in a small house can be supplemented with a little love for detail. We’ve put together 10 great ideas for where a small bathroom is a space of its own. You can play with wall and floor colors, use unusual materials, or just bring accessories like plants or textiles into the game.

1. Plants and rocks

Although the bathroom is small, the perfect setting for decorative stones and beautiful potted plants can be found here. An unused corner turned into a beautiful sight. Also natural stone on the walls and on the floor is perfect for everyone who is looking for a durable and of course beautiful material for the bathroom.

2. The details are important!

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be without decorative details! A lovely soap dish, towels, great lighting, and a soft bath rug can work wonders in a small bath and it is effortless!

3. Bright colors and unusual accessories

Many bathrooms are white. The can in the bathroom is very colorful! In the bathroom, for example, bright yellow was chosen as the wall paint and turned out to make the bathroom a fresh and inviting place. The bathroom is furnished with fabulous accessories such as oriental benches, soft bath mats, and some interesting magazines.

4. Prepare a 5-star hotel

Who does not know a great feeling, which presents a bathroom like in a star hotel that is flowery and smells long-lasting? Great soap, small, fresh towels and fragrant essences in the matching bottle immediately fill the tub with a touch of luxury.

5. Why not use wallpaper?

Wallpaper in the bathroom is very innovative, but be careful: it should not be haphazard. If you want to use wallpaper in the bathroom then you should look for one that is waterproof and moisture resistant. Then there is almost no limit to the imagination.

6. Patterns and colors

The wall tiles define the effect of the whole bathroom. So why not wear bright colors and patterns, thereby getting a good mood when you shower?

7. Personal sanitary wares

The market is full of fine sanitary wares and among them is a treasure trove of original designs. Unique sanitary wares offer a great way to become an eye-catcher in a bathroom without making it look overwhelming.

8. A sink is lit

To make your bathroom a stylish place, you don’t need to wear colors and patterns. Sometimes phenomenal lighting is enough! If there is no room for it, a bright basin is a solution. Guaranteed bathroom with unforgettable views!

9. Use the corner

A small room is not only a matter of decoration a real challenge but also when it comes to storage. Here, corner shelves for the bathroom are a stunning original storage area. Are they used in the bathroom for shampoo, shower gel, and co or in addition to the mirror room for cosmetics, creams, and more.

10. Decorate the walls

Painting often appears in all rooms, except in the bathroom. They also give the bathroom its own charm. A mirror with a beautiful frame, which looks decorative and besides makes the room look bigger.

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