Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design

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HOMEsinterest – In every residence, be it a house or an apartment, there must be a bathroom. Although usually only get a little space, the bathroom has a very important role so that it is included as an essential space in a dwelling. In addition to cleaning yourself, the bathroom can also be used to relax the body at the same time. Therefore, the bathroom also requires a comfortable design and is no less attractive than other spaces. One of the designs that you can apply is a modern minimalist bathroom.

As the name suggests, a modern minimalist bathroom is a combination of minimalist and modern concepts, where the design is simpler, more efficient, functional, and stylish. So, only oriented to the most important elements. Well, here we have prepared inspiration for a modern minimalist bathroom design that you can imitate at home. Without further ado, just go ahead.

1. Beige Modern Minimalist Bathroom

In general, modern minimalist bathroom designs apply neutral and soft colors, such as beige in the inspiration above. A modern minimalist bathroom like this is divided into two areas, namely the shower area and the closet area along with the sink, where both are separated by a minimalist divider made of glass.

Actually, the size of a modern minimalist bathroom like this is not too big, but the use of beige color that covers the entire surface of the bathroom and the presence of a large mirror has succeeded in making the room look spacious. Do not forget, the hanging closet and sink model that looks as if it is floating also helps maximize the concept of a modern minimalist bathroom.

2. Modern Minimalist Two Tone Bathroom

You can also combine two colors at once in modern minimalist bathroom design, for example, black and white. For a more unique impression, apply black to the entire surface of the bathroom wall, followed by white on the floor tiles and bathroom divider. It doesn’t have to be plain white, the presence of a few marble stone patterns or motifs will make a modern minimalist bathroom design cooler and more elegant.

In addition, white can also be presented through bathroom furniture, such as a bathtub, closet, or cabinet. Thus, a modern minimalist bathroom will look cleaner. But keep in mind, in applying two tones to a modern minimalist bathroom, you should choose matching colors so that it looks attractive.

3. Modern minimalist bathroom with natural nuances

Well, this modern minimalist bathroom design is perfect for those of you who like things that smell like nature. In the corner of the modern minimalist bathroom, there are various refreshing indoor ornamental plants, as well as on the sink table made of natural wood.

In addition, there is also an air vent made of wood which makes this modern minimalist bathroom less stuffy and more comfortable. Thanks to its natural nuances, your mind and body will relax so that you will definitely feel at home for a long time in a modern minimalist bathroom like this.

4. Modern Minimalist Bathroom with a Game of Light

Lighting in the bathroom is often ignored by the occupants of the house, even though by using the right lighting techniques, modern minimalist bathroom design can appear perfectly, you know! Modern minimalist bathroom design inspiration like this uses two lighting techniques. First, the downlight technique which is right above the bathtub and sitting closet.

Meanwhile, the second lighting technique is indirect light or hiding the lights behind the walls of the sink area. Through this play of light, a modern minimalist bathroom like this looks very dramatic and elegant. So like a bathroom in a five-star hotel.

5. Luxury Modern Minimalist Bathroom

It is no secret that marble stone ceramics can create a very luxurious and luxurious impression in a residence, including a modern minimalist bathroom. You can apply white marble tiles on the walls and floor of the bathroom.

So, so as not to eliminate the modern minimalist impression, use glass material in several parts, such as doors, shower cubicles, or certain area dividers. Thus, the appearance of modern minimalist bathroom design will be cleaner and more spacious.

Those are the five modern minimalist bathroom designs that can be applied to your home. You don’t have to have a large area, with the right design and arrangement, you can also have a modern minimalist bathroom in a small house.

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