Impressive Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

Impressive Bathroom Shower Remodel Ideas

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HOMEsinterest – This time we will explore one of the most private rooms in the house, namely the bathroom. Here we refresh ourselves after a long day of work. The bathroom is a room where we can relax and relieve tension without going far from home. Whether a bath or a shower, the function remains the same, namely to cleanse the body and mind. The sound of running water, the scent of the soap will surely make us feel relieved. If this private room is beautifully designed, then a sensation of comfort and relief will certainly be felt.

The bathroom shower has several advantages. Less space is used, you save water, and take a shower faster. As for the design, you can choose one of the following.

1. Bathroom shower with sauna

You can spend hours in the bathroom. Complete with furniture and bathroom decorations that will give us a sense of peace. There is a built-in sauna bathroom. Oriental elements with stone-lined walls and tiled bidets are used to create an unmatched beauty. The shower is positioned naturally in the corner. The bathroom layout will be completely different than others!

2. Open bathroom

A bathroom like this takes advantage of the beautiful panorama around it as a natural decoration. The large glass windows provide a way for the sunshine, as well as the green outside. Windows are also a modern touch in a rustic bathroom dominated by wood elements. White brick walls, glass walls, greenery, and wood exude harmony and brightness. Who doesn’t want to bathe here?

3. Secret window

You can take a shower while looking at the situation in the house through the glass window next to the sink. This window allows natural light to enter the bathroom. There is no need to be afraid of peeping because the person on the other side (in the room that is visible from the bathroom) cannot see inside. Interesting right? Can be applied if you want to be able to know the situation around while showering or defecating.

4. Modern bathroom

In the modern bathroom, the Italian shower is on one side. While the tiled floors on both sides are the same. Calm and bright colors coupled with the incidental light from the small windows create unity and simplicity for the bathroom. No less interesting is the black ceramic mosaic around the sink and continues on the shower wall.

5. Minimalist bathroom in the corner of the room

The bathroom in the bedroom? It is common. But what if the bathroom doesn’t have a door? This is an intriguing example. A hidden alcove in the bedroom wall has been created to install the shower. The shower wall has been lined with concrete and the coil has been attached. Overall, the design is simple. But this private area can evoke flames of romance.

6. Mosaic walls

Here is another example of a shower, with a very different design. This shower area is mosaics in shades of blue and white. The glass doors that separate the shower area from the rest, are made almost invisible to (and do) attract attention.

7. Shower and bathtub

Anyone who wants to take a shower can choose to bathe in the bathtub or use the shower. If there is more room, why not choose this mix? Large windows make dark wood floors give the bathroom sophisticated elegance.

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