advantages & raised floor design ideas for homes

Advantages & Raised Floor Design Ideas for Homes

HOMEsinterest – Ever heard of the term raised floor? Raised floor or often also called access floor is a stage-shaped floor system that makes the floor elevation become higher. Typically, this raised floor design is used in rooms with complicated cable, data, communication, and plumbing installations. Therefore, this system is usually used in office buildings.

Raised Floor Design Strengths

There are several advantages that you can get by applying a raised floor. Anything?

  • The room looks more aesthetically neat due to various intricate installation of wires and pipelines hidden at the bottom.
  • The size of a raised floor is precision and of international standard.
  • Easy and fast in the installation process because it uses a knockdown system.
  • The elevation or height of the floor can be adjusted according to the needs of residents.
  • If at any time is needed, the panel can also be lifted.
  • It can be dismantled and then reassembled at another location.
  • A raised floor can also play an important role in air circulation or air conditioning with a downflow system.
  • Ideas for Using a Raised Floor Design at Home
  • Apparently, raised floors can not only be used in office buildings, you know. A raised floor can also be designed to be used as a component of residential design with a little touch of creativity. Want to apply the raised floor design in your home? The following inspiration.

As a Room Divider with the Impression of Drowning

Want to create an unusual living room design? You can try alternative designs on this one as a design to create a different living room. To create a living room with an impression like “sinking”, use a raised floor design covered with vinyl or parquet in other areas. Meanwhile, the living room area itself does not need to use a raised floor, so you can get the impression of ‘sinking’ in the living room.

As a Secret Depository

A hidden compartment or secret hiding place can make your living room become more unique and interesting. Anyone who visits your home will not even think that there is a storage area under their feet. This storage can also be one smart solution for those of you who do not have a lot of storage space due to limited occupancy.

As a Zoning System in the Kitchen

The kitchen can also be one of the points of interest in residential use using raised floors. The raised floor design in the kitchen can make it look like a beautiful stage that attracts anyone who sees it. In addition, the raised floor system is also able to give the impression of zoning to the kitchen and separate it from other rooms next to it. That way, you no longer need to install additional partitions.

As a Storage Solution in the Bedroom

A raised floor can also be a solution so that your bedroom looks more spacious, neat, and well organized, you know. By using the raised floor system, you can add several storage drawers to store your personal belongings, such as clothes, blankets, books, or even a collection of toys in a child’s room. By placing a mattress on a raised floor can also make the room look more attractive and the division of space becomes more efficient.

As an Accent in Swimming Pools

A raised floor can not only be applied indoors but can also be applied outdoors. You can give a raised floor to an outdoor room like on one side of a swimming pool. Use the raised floor as a platform for tables and chairs by the pool. A raised floor can also be a separate accent for the overall design of a swimming pool.

The use of raised floor design can not only function as an additional empty space to store various purposes such as wiring installation, piping, or control systems, to your personal belongings, the raised floor can also be a unique and attractive accent for your home, you know. So, are you becoming increasingly interested in applying raised floors to make the room look more presentable and attractive? Choose a raised floor model that best suits the theme of your home.

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