7 tips for maximizing foyer area functions at home

7 Tips for Maximizing Foyer Area Functions at Home

HOMEsinterest – Many people are not familiar with the term home foyer. Actually, all houses must have a foyer even though the function is different because it is tailored to the needs. If the size of your dwelling is small, you certainly have to maximize the function of the foyer area in the house so that it is more useful without taking up excessive room capacity.

The foyer area is the transition from the terrace into the house. There is a mistaken assumption that the foyer area is the same as the terrace. Though the foyer is part of the interior of the house and is very different from the terrace. Well, if you want to maximize the function of the foyer area, let’s try to use the following practical tips.

Determine Area Size Accurately

The first thing you must do when setting up the foyer is to determine its size accurately. Ideally, you do not need to leave too much room capacity for the foyer area. Especially if you and your family do not often have guests. A tiny foyer is enough to receive guests or do other activities on the front of the interior of the house.

Using the Side of the House as a Foyer

In fact, the foyer area at home does not have to be located right after the main door. You can set the foyer area in another part of the house, for example on the side of the house if you do have a side door. In fact, the foyer area can also be placed in the backyard of the house if you do not feel disturbed by guests entering the back of it. In essence, the location of the foyer can be adjusted flexibly based on the capacity of your home and your taste.

Select the Foyer Function as Needed

Most people use the foyer area to receive guests inside the home. However, the function of the foyer area can be adjusted to family habits and other activities. You can turn the foyer area into a room for other activities, for example:

  • The place to receive phone calls.
  • Neatly arranged storage space.
  • A place to store bikes and motorbikes.
  • Living room as well as a display room for collection objects.

Utilizing the Foyer as a Mudroom

Turning the foyer area in the house into a mudroom is the best solution for small-sized homes in urban areas. Because the mudroom has many functions that make using the foyer area more efficient. The foyer area used as a mudroom also makes the interior of the house cleaner because it is not exposed to dust from outside the house. Some functions that will be fulfilled when juggling the foyer area as a mudroom include:

  • Vehicle storage (bicycle and motorcycle).
  • Storage space for various types of items (eg helmets, keys, umbrellas, etc.).
  • A place to tidy up your appearance before your activities.
  • A mudroom can also function as a room to receive guests if it is designed neatly.

Adjusting the Interior of the Foyer with Other Home Parts

Just like other interior parts, the foyer area must also get special attention so that the atmosphere matches the other parts of the house. Do not let the appearance of the foyer area be very different from the overall interior atmosphere so that it seems less harmonious. Efforts to make a harmonious look of the foyer area can be realized through uniform wall colors or the use of furniture that has the same feel as other rooms. So that the interior theme of your home becomes clearer and harmonious from the front to the back of the house.

Equipping the Foyer with the Right Furniture

The important thing that should also be your consideration is furniture selection. You should not use furniture that is too large in size so that the foyer does not seem cramped. Choose small furniture that suits your needs, for example, a mini guest table equipped with several chairs with matching designs. Do not let you put unused furniture in the foyer area because it actually makes the house seem crowded.

Make an adequate Ventilation and Lighting System

Do not neglect the ventilation and lighting systems in the foyer area. Even though it is close to the terrace, you must make adequate ventilation and lighting systems. Try to keep the foyer area with plenty of windows and vents. If you want to avoid excessive sun heat, you just install the curtains in the foyer area.

The size of a small house is not an obstacle to optimally regulate its function. Let’s rearrange the foyer area at home to be more neat and functional for you and your family and guests.

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